Natural-Mythical Series

This Series of work includes pieces inspired by all sorts of cryptids and creatures, as well as a deep history of D&D and fantasy lore. Items here include FAUX Taxidermy, Fursuit Heads, Dolls/Plushies and more.

Fursuit Work

This Section is comprised of works that were commissioned from me, and vary in style and expression.

Experimental Work

All projects here are those that were completed as trials and exploration of different methods. These lie in areas I have not yet brought into my skillset, but still like to showcase. *Please Note* Taxidermy products are not available at conventions apart from Renaissance Fairs and special showcase events. Online exchanges only*

3D Modeling

Having added 3 large 3D printers to the toolshed, I’m now able to create custom Fursuit bases and items that were otherwise off limits. This section displays models of previous projects and merchandise.