Partnered Artists

Partnered Artists

Lusus Naturae is partnered with two artists, both being very close friends. These will be the people who feature work at our booth or attend conventions and events with us. They often provide our concept art for projects and most of the art/merchandise content we have a conventions. Below features some of their solo work, and links to their social medias.


Rhokii is a digital painter and aspiring costume artist. He is responsible for most of our artistic merchandise including prints, stickers, keychains and more. Most of his work subjects consist of monsters, animals, and skinny emo boys. A love for teeth, claws and rope inspires a lot…. well I suppose you get it.

Moon Kiddo

Mood Kiddo is an aspiring concept artist and painter. She focuses on creature and animal art, both traditional and digital. Moon is responsible for most of our concept art and premade colors and patterns. Not to mention she helps in the creation process of most premade suit heads.