Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Custom Commissions

TOS: Attention! In order to commission Lusus Naturae the prospective customer must first review our Terms of Service. We address payments, customs and premades, refunds, miscellaneous information, and allergy warnings. If one disagrees with any of these terms, or does not meet one of the requirements, they may not commission or buy from us.

The commissioner must sign a copy of our terms of service agreement before the commission is started or paid for. This ensures the customer is serious about the commission and legally binds them to their required duties as a commissioner. If a copy is needed, please email us. If the commissioner is under the age of 17, we require a parent or guardian to sign with them, otherwise the minor is not legally bound to the commission.

Once a confirmation email is received, the customer is to start payment for their product. An initial 50% down payment is required within the first week of contact after the confirmation email is sent out in order to reserve the commission slot. Some items are not eligable for payment plans. If the payment is not made the customer will be contacted with a warning email before being dropped, giving them a chance to make the payment before losing the spot. If there are any issues with this time frame, the customer can have a chance to provide a reason for not being able to make the payment, and we can work around that schedule. However we would like to be notified of any accomodations that need to be made once a quote is given. Applicants may not send money before a confirmation is sent or any payments that were not agreed upon. We will not take bribes for any slots we may have open.

Payment plans are available up to 6 months. This is due to forgotten payments, late payments, lack of care with payments, and other experiences we’ve had with payment plans. It is preferable that our customers choose shorter payment plans. All payment plans are custom made for the buyer, so they will not all be alike. Once 50% of the payments are complete, that percentage is no longer refundable. This is the same once the payments reach 100%, and the customer is ready to pay for shipping. Shipping is not included with the prices received in the confirmation email. The shipping price will be provided to the commissioner through a direct message on the customers preferred form of contact that includes photos of the final product, total payments, and questions about addresses.

Progress pictures are limited to our disgression. We will provide progress photos as we create your product. Requests to see certain aspects of your commission for clarification purposes will be granted. Extra Photos may be sent on our own accord that we see fit. (These may vary with different commissions). Any excessive messaging and requests are not tolerated. We would rather spend time creating the product than messaging the customer unless it is important. If commissioned product is a Custom piece, the customer’s reference should be full updated, and any changes should be addressed before construction begins. If we feel we are being bombarded, harassed, or taken advantage of in any way during this process, we will drop the commission and refund what is allowed to be refunded by our terms. This can either be 50% of completed payments, through 0% of completed payments depending on progress of payment.
Lusus Naturae reserves the right to nullify a commission if the customer becomes hostile, is found guilty of theft of any kind, is too under aged for a commission, or does not keep contact. We reserve to right to determine what type of behavior is acceptable; you will be warned if you are stepping over a boundary. Refusal to cohere will result in your commission being dropped and refunding your payments based on the allowed amounts stated in our terms.

Premade Items

Our premades will be sold on auction, flat price, or to the offer. These will have to be paid in full upfront, within forty-eight hours of confirmation of purchase, or if a payment plan is granted, payments must abide by the terms and amounts set between us and the buyer. No product will be given to a customer who has not fully paid for said item. If the buyer requires customization, measurements, or alterations, an additional fee will be added to the cost. We request no alterations are made to the items by anyone other than us. This is to ensure the artistic integrity is not compromised, and the quality is consistent with our business. If changes are made by the customer or another artist that result in damage to the product, we will not repair it or replace it. If we suspect imporper care or neglect of our product which leads to excessive damages, that product will be void of complimentary repair.

ALLERGY WARNING: We own pets (dogs) that may come into contact with the product. This is not likely, only a precaution.

WARNING: Suits are hot, and can cause dehydration, overheating, nausea, and tunnel vision if not used correctly! We occasionally sell organic material (skulls) but they do not come in contact with our suits. If you do not agree with that you have the right to know before commissioning us!